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Based on Chevron Island in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Pacific Blooms is an innovative and stylish florist with a very personal, creative approach to floristry. As owner/managers of our own independent florist you can be assured that we take great personal pride in our floral work, with every arrangement meticulously and lovingly hand crafted from only the best quality fresh seasons flowers.

You have the flexibility to choose from one of our very own designs or create your very own to suit your budget. As part of our commitment to service we often create personalised and affordable arrangements that will match both their personality, your sentiment and enhance any memorable occasion

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Uncovering Novated Lease Myths

Uncovering Novated Lease Myths

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Novated leases have been in existence in Australia for more than three decades; therefore, don’t be deceived that it is a new idea. Novated lease is a perfect idea of saving some dollars and managing your vehicle via your salary by making use of pre-tax dollars. However, there are a lot of myths out there about novated lease schemes, their eligibility, and the benefits that a person can enjoy.

Novated leases are complicated
Don’t be deceived to believe that novated lease products are involving. In reality, it is a package that allows you to buy a car at an affordable rate, and you get the model that you desire. Besides, it packages your vehicle and associated expenses via your salary using pre-tax dollars. Novated lease involves three parties, which are the financing company, an employee and the employer. The financing firm usually manages the communication, all the set-up, and in-lease management, which also entails employee management, FBT management, and reporting and reconciliations between a broker such as as Stratton Finance https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/ as well as your employers. Your employer just needs to deduct the required amount of money and pay invoices monthly.

You don’t earn enough salary
Novated lease in Australia can be used or accessed by everyday employees such as government employees, nurses, tradespeople, bankers, and accountants among other professionals. Unfortunately, many people have been made to believe that the high-end employees can only use it in the country. In reality, novated lease aims at helping the average employee in Australia. Employees are required to get the car model that they want and a well-thought budget to take care of the operating expense of running the car. However, it is advisable to seek financial advice from a financial expert before you proceed to get novated leases.

People lose their benefits when they change jobs
The car and novated lease go with you even when you leave your post. The firm stops paying the monthly payments so that your contract is transferred to your new employer. Your current employer will not be tied to your vehicle finance lease.

It is only for people who drive to work
Surprisingly, a novated lease is designed using statutory fringe benefits tax calculation. You can use a novated lease calculator to know your monthly payments by giving information of the kind of car you want. Novated lease doesn’t have restrictions for any business-use kilometers. Additionally, you can package a vehicle on behalf of another person like your wife or husband through your salary.

Novated leases are only available for employees in large firms
Many people have a myth that novated contracts are only available to staff members working in large companies. On the contrary, the salary packaging benefit is open to any company in Australia that wants its employees to benefit from it. However, most companies operating the program in Australia have more than 100 employees because, in the past, small businesses were avoiding novated leasing because of the myth that it was a complicated program to set up and manage. However, small companies, even those with one employee can access novated leases.

Before taking up the lease, ensure that you know the compensation rate by quickly visiting Stratton Finance https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/novated-lease . Also, ask about the amount financed and the extras included in the quote. A financial expert can help you with the process.

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Submitting Car Finance Down Payment

How to Decide Your Down Payment Amount for Car Finance

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The ability to apply for a car loan is an excellent benefit that many people take advantage of. After all, it can take a long time to save money to pay for the full cost of a vehicle. Car finance lets you spread the purchase price out over several years, making it much more affordable for many people to own a vehicle. Some drivers will finance the full amount of a vehicle’s price, but others will make a down payment. Car Loan Stratton Finance may be more affordable when you make a down payment, and you may also be able to avoid owing more on your vehicle than it is worth. When you are trying to decide what down payment amount is right for your upcoming purchase, these steps can help.

Use an Online Loan Calculator
One purpose of a down payment is to make car finance more affordable. With a larger down payment, your starting loan balance will be reduced. This reduces interest charges over the life of the car loan, and it also creates a lower loan payment. A down payment is not the only option available for reducing a monthly loan payment. You can also buy a cheaper car and extend the loan term to generate more affordable car loan payments.

Review the Vehicle’s Future Value
When the starting car finance amount is high, you may find yourself in an unfortunate position of owing more money on your car loan than the vehicle is worth. This happens because the rate of depreciation on the car may be higher than the rate of loan principal reduction. You can review the depreciation rate of the vehicle that you are thinking about buying to estimate the car’s value at any given point. You can also analyze an amortization schedule for car finance to see how quickly your loan will be repaid. By comparing these figures, you can better determine what down payment is most advantageous for you.

While car finance can be beneficial for drivers in many cases, it must be used wisely. You need to select a down payment that generates an affordable monthly payment and that prevents you from being upside down with your car loan. Some drivers may follow these steps and realize that they need to purchase a more affordable vehicle such as a Toyota Finance Stratton
or make a larger down payment. It is best to realize these things upfront before buying a car and committing to car finance terms.

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Sacrifice Salaries With Novated Lease

Sacrifice Your Salary With A Novated Lease

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Every Aussie is familiar with the pure awesomeness of a novated lease. While not every employer offers such a benefit to their employees, job seekers typically prefer openings in which the novated lease is part of the gig.

For those that aren’t familiar with a novated lease agreement or sacrificing one’s salary, the major benefit – and the term “salary sacrifice” – comes from tax benefits associated with any novated lease.

Rather than trying to explain first in English, let’s touch on two hypothetical examples that involve Stratton Finance Novated Lease vehicles. The first does not include a novated lease; the second one does.

Example Number One

Jimmy gets paid $50,000 AUD each year. After tax, he takes home $42,203. Let’s say he wants to lease a vehicle. He finds that vehicle, a Suzuki Celerio, for a list price of $13,000. Let’s assume he pays it off in one year. Oh wait – taxes. GST is 10 percent, so that’s now $14,300.

So, after the year’s over, Jimmy ends up with a new-to-him car, and about $27,903. But wait! What about gas, repairs, maintenance, and all that good stuff?

If Jimmy drives an average 15,000 kilometers that year, he can expect to fork over slightly more than $5,000 – about $5,572. So, all considered, Jimmy goes home with roughly $22,330 at year’s end.

Example Number Two – She’s Smarter Than Jimmy

Amber gets paid $50,000 AUD annually, as well. Before we take out tax, since this lady is much smarter than Jimmy, let’s consider the cost of a lease.

She gets the same car for $13,000, spread across one year’s time. She doesn’t pay tax on that $13,000 Mazda Finance Stratton loan thanks to the novated lease she’s privy to. $37,000 is now her taxable income.

Hold up! Because all vehicle expenses are included in a novated lease agreement tax-free, let’s calculate that first. $37,000 – $5,066 = $31,934. There’s our pre-tax pay. Well, Amber’s pre-tax income, not ours, because she was smart enough to choose the novated lease.

$29,324 is what Amber has at the end of the year. Compared to Jimmy’s relatively paltry $22,330.

What Else Is A Novated Lease Good For?

Because employees have the financial power of their employers on their side, workers can feel safer about getting a vehicle to drive through their employers, rather than doing so on their own.

At the end of novated lease agreements, there are tons of options, ranging from not picking up any option, to rolling over one’s residual and leasing a much better car.

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Some Common Car Loan Requirements

What are the common requirements of a car loan?

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Car loans are an easily accessible form of loans. As competition among the financial institutions that provide car loans in Australia intensities, consumers of the services are benefiting. This is because financiers are increasingly trying to eliminate traditional obstacles that have limited access to car loans by loosening their eligibility criteria. Currently, most lenders have set eligibility criteria that clients must satisfy before they can access car loans.

Car Loan Eligibility Criteria
Most financiers provide clients with online application services and physical applications by visiting their agents. For you to be eligible for a car loan, you will have to meet the following qualifications.

• Be 18 years and above: For anyone to access a loan from a financial institution in Australia, he or she needs to be at least 18 years old. 

• Have a secure employment: Financial institutions will be reluctant to give you a loan from an organization for a car such as www.strattonfinance.com.au/car-finance/car-loan if you cannot prove that you have a secure employment. To avoid bad debts, financiers will need those applying for vehicle loans to demonstrate they have a reliable source of income. This means that the borrower has to provide proof of employment. For self-employed individuals, they must show that their businesses are financially stable.

• Be a permanent resident of Australia: Financiers are more likely to provide car loans to permanent residents of Australia compared to those on a temporary residence. This minimises the tendency of people sneaking out of the country without repaying their car loan and interest.

• You should not be bankrupt: Some financiers will require you to demonstrate that you are not bankrupt. If a court of law has declared you bankrupt, financiers will be reluctant to finance you because they consider you incapable of repaying your debts.

How to become eligible for a car loan 
You can take the following steps to boost your eligibility for a car loan.
• Ensure you have a good credit history: Many financiers rely on a customer’s credit report in determining whether he or she is eligible for loans. If you have a good credit report, financiers will be willing to provide you with a car loan.

• Offer a huge deposit: Lenders will be willing to finance your vehicle fully including all fees included in the deal if you offer a huge deposit. With a big deposit, you create equity in your car and minimise your loan, for example you can get a Mazda Finance By Stratton. Many financiers will be willing to finance you.

• Proof of a permanent job: If you prove you have a permanent job; lenders will consider you financially stable and creditworthy.

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Different Types Of Car Loan

The Sources of Different Car Loan Finance

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Many financial institutions in Australia will be willing to provide you with a car loan if you meet their requirements. From each car loan provider, however, you will enjoy different features, benefits, and limitations.Potential Sources of Car Loans
You can secure your auto loan from numerous sources. Below are some of the common financing sources for your car loan in Australia.
1. Commercial Banks: These are the common sources of loans to the public. You can visit your local bank and inquire about the loan services that you can utilize to purchase a Car Loan Car Loan Stratton Finance . Some of the benefits of taking a bank loan to finance your car are:
• Banks charge relatively low-interest rates compared to most of the other sources
• Banks are a reliable source of credit, since they have formal borrowing procedures
• They can provide you with huge financing services because they have huge working capitals

2. Credit Unions: If you are a member of a credit union, you are eligible for their loans.Using Credit Unions to finance your vehicle comes with the following benefits.
• The unions provide you with competitive interest rates
• Their loans do not require security, since it is available to members only
3. Car Dealerships: Car dealers are willing to help potential customers secure car loans because doing so helps them sell more vehicles. Most car dealership work in collaboration with financial institutions to provide clients with reliable sources of financing.The benefits of using a car dealership to finance your car are
• The dealerships have well-established relationships with financiers, implying that they will help you secure a Novated Lease Novated Lease Stratton Finance car loan easily.
• A dealership will help you to secure low-interest loans
4. Home Equity Loans: A home equity loan can be an alternative to the traditional car title loans. With a home equity loan, you can secure a car loan using your home’s equity. Although a home equity loan is not often used to finance a vehicle, you can use it to purchase your desired car easily.Using a home equity loan to finance your next vehicle has the following advantages.
• Interest on home equity loans are tax-deductible
• You will not need to secure the loanHow do Car Loan Interest Work?
It is important to note that most car loans’ interest rates are calculated through simple interest. This means that you will only incur interest on the principal amount that you owe your financier. A simple interest also means that the interest payable to a financier is lower than when compound interest is used.

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